Town's Debt

Rites of manhood. A time in every boys life where destinies are forged.

(Rob) was drawn to the ways of the scion, as was chosen by the elders. Power of the mind, he was always emotionally driven. He showed great promise, but stars were not aligned well for him. His mentor, ______(Rob’s Mentor/trainer), sent him on his vision quest knowing they were not to see each other again.

(Odd) was a monk, trained in the ways of passive, deadly force. Vision quest to test his mettle, would be more than he had dreamed, and worse than he dared imagine.

Dressed in a loin cloth, armed with only a hunting knife, they set out in different directions. The quest is to find and meditate at a sacred temple. This quest will verify there position in the world, and perhaps farther.

Meditate they did, and visions they had. Great battles were fought. Far away lands were discovered. Although they did not see themselves, they somehow knew they were a part of it.

Waking up they find each other at opposite ends of the temple. Not knowing who ____(Odd) is, _____(Rob) was quick to defend himself. Asking only to be left alone, he stood his ground across the room. ___(Odd) leaves the temple for town. Only a couple of minutes later, ____(Rob) sees that the other man has left.

(Odd) notices the sun is rising in the opposite direction as it should. Common sense tells him to head forward to town. Seems he was somehow transported to this other temple, he hopes is near his hometown.

After a time, ____(Rob) also leaves to find the temple is not the one he slept in. Staying a discreet distance away, he heads in the direction town should be in.

Having traveled a long way, ___(Monica), a copper dragon of great lineage, awakes in this town she is unfamiliar with. Although everything is as it should be as her rider awakes next to her. Their job is to travel from town to town and assist those in need. Young in there cause, she does not know much about this town, although she is happy last night entering town when townfolk try to avoid her, as they understand the proud race of dragons. All is not well for long. Suddenly screams are heard, and the crash of building being torn down are everywhere. Running outside to see what is causing the commotion, ___(Monica) and ______(Monica’s Rider) are abruptly met with what looks to be a elder Green Dragon. The dragonrider, true to (His/Her) legacy, quickly mounts ____(Monica)for the charge. Understanding all too well what is expected of her, she charges the menace. After getting its attention, this force of destruction turns its attention to the two. Opening it’s jaws to give a heavy breath, as this will of course bath everything in its path in a potent acid, _____(Rider) orders _____(Monica) to charge full on to get under the spray. Her speed proves to be great as she narrowly misses the deadly substance. A dragon her size and age will not last long against this one. Running under the dragon to get at it’s hind legs, she feels a weight lifted off her. Her speed take her far away from where her rider lay, not moving. Covered in the death spit, s/he stands no chance. Enraged, she bites and claws at the dragon to no avail. elders of the town have gathered, and take down this monstrosity. As quick as the morning started, it ended. Several, no more, dragons are all over town. Killing townfolk, young and old, tearing apart buildings, and carrying off survivors. When all is said and done, nothing seems to have survived.

In the distance ___(Odd) can see the town destroyed. There are no cries for help, and no building to search. He notices a mettalic dragon, and doubts shes of any size to cause such destruction. Clearly in no shape to function, she seems to limp out of what used to be town with a person on her back. As he consoles and tries to get answers from her, _____(Rob) searches town for his family.

…(Will finish this later, a lot happened)

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